Happy Happy Program Flourishes Love and Unity

 Happy Happy Program

Flourishes Love and Unity

             On the 22nd May 2013 one among many other Happy Happy Programs was conducted in the community of Phum Tnung, Khum Russey, Srok Khang Keut, Kampot. There were 44 participants who are orphans and vulnerable children participated in the program.

            This was a golden opportunity to emotionally motivate and allow children to participate in the program. Mrs. Teng Rithy, Deputy Provincial HIV/AIDS Program Manager at Kampot and a permanent member of HIV/AIDS Committee at Kampot and the local authority have also participated in the program. Two topics were covered in this Happy Happy Program including: 1. Children’s right 2.Discrimination.

 Happy 1 

Dr. Pen Savy, PC’s Program Coordinator of Kompong Trach Operational District, raised a few questions related to children’s rights to a big group of children such as “How many children’s rights are there? Why is there discrimination toward children within the community, particularly to children affected by HIV/AIDS?” Almost every child in the group understood and actively participated in giving good answers.

            Mrs. Teng Rithy praised the children for their active participation in the activities of the program and gave more elaboration to clear some doubts of the children.

                After that, the children were divided into three small groups to play energetic games.  The games were about team work, work flow, and how to send and receive messages.

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                The three groups, which are comprised of a mixed variety of children from different statuses including children living with HIV/AIDS, children affected by HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable children due to other factors, have energetically participated and warmly welcomed other children to join these fun games. The friendly environment has strengthened the emotional state of the children who have experienced health and mental issues and brought the children closer to live in harmony with each other regardless of their statuses. This activity lasted for one hour with an extremely enjoyable and friendly atmosphere.

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