Improving a Person’s Health is improving a Community


Improving a Person’s Health is improving a Community

             Doung Health Center is one among other 13 health centers in Bati Operation District which is collaborating with Partners in Compassion in implementing Health System Strengthening Project. Dong Health Center covers 20 villages and 4 communes including Champei, Doung, Thnoat and Pea Ream with 40 Village Health Volunteers.

            Chea Sem, 57, who lives in Phum Chumrov, Khum Pea Ream and is one of the 40 volunteers said: “I have been a Village Health Support Volunteer for over 15 years and I have disseminated information about vaccination, Vitamin A campaign, and screening of Tuberculosis patients. 

            “Besides being a Health Center’s volunteer, I also volunteer for other organizations, but I do not have much understanding about duties and responsibilities of a volunteer. I perform my duties according to the guidance of the organizations.” added Chea Sem.


            “Since Partners in Compassion supported and collaborated with the management committee of Dong Health Center in 2010, I was invited to participate in many trainings such as Training on the Duties and Responsibilities of a Volunteer, Public Health Services, Tuberculosis, and rights of a person in receiving health service. After clearly understanding my duties and responsibilities, I have fulfilled my duties such as educating about health to the community, participating in the quarterly meeting of volunteers, and referring patients to health service at the health center.” said Chea Sem.

            “I am determined to continue my work as a volunteer to continually improve the health center and to support and raise awareness of the villagers about the importance of heath and strengthen referral system and refer patients to access services on time, which means that “improving a Person’s Health is improving a Community.” asserted Chea Sem.


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