My Daughter is Free from HIV Infection

By Following Doctor’s Guidance

My Daughter is Free from HIV Infection

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Mrs. Chhay Srey Mao, residing in Soth Thmey Village Samrong Commune Tram Kok District Takeo Province, learned about her HIV status in 2001. OI/ART service began its operation in 2003. She received Pre-ART service at Daun Keo Referral Hospital, while her CD4 was under 200/mm3. This was also the site where she appropriately received ART service. In 2008 Ang Roka Referral Hospital also launched its ART service, so she comes to this referral hospital instead, since it is nearer to her house. After she sees improvement in her health condition, she wishes to have another child, so she decides to consult it with the doctor.

 During her pregnancy, she still received the same ART service. “Since I learned that I was pregnant, I tried to focus on consulting with the doctor related to regular adherence to ART and the risk of HIV transmission to my children along with other prevention and care services. In addition, I also concentrated on participating in my Self-help Group regularly.” said Chhay Srey Mao.

 She was referred by Partners in Compassion’s staff and Community Service Volunteer (CSV) to access antenatal care service at her nearby health center, which she no longer has to go to Ang Roka Referral Hospital. She also had regular pregnancy check-ups 4 times at the health center before her delivering date with the support of travel fee from Partners in Compassion. She received counseling from the doctor with regard to ways to minimize the risk of transmitting HIV to her baby along with additional counseling and education from the Home-care Team as well.


She also added that she never forgot the words and guidance of her doctor and Partners in Compassion’s staff. After she delivered her baby, she concentrated on taking good care of baby so that her daughter can be healthy and avoid transmitting HIV to her and she also paid special attention on using Serum Nevirapine (NVP) regularly once every 24 hours 6 weeks after her daughter’s birth according to doctor’s prescription and took her daughter for Polymerase Chain Reaction test (PCR) for the first time when she was 1.5 months old and for the second time when she was more than 6 months old and for the third time for PCR test.

 “Because I paid my utmost attention and strictly followed the good guidance of my doctor and Partners in Compassion’s Home-care Team, my 3-year-old daughter is now free from HIV infection and she also has a healthy life like other people’s children.” (Quoted from Mrs. Chhay Srey Mao, 30.)        


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