Restoring New Hope for a Family

Restoring New Hope for a Family

          Phal Phaneth, 10, studies at grade 4 of Ang Run Primary School and she is the second daughter of Rous Phany. She is living under guidance of her grandfather Rous Chel who is a 74-year-old widower and lives in village Ko Doul, Tropaing Krosaing Commune, Bati district, Takeo. Phaneth has a mother who is a widow with speaking and hearing disability.

Poor 1

“Phaneth’s mother has never had any happiness in her life, since she has speaking and speech impairment. 2 men have cheated her with the first man has a son with her and left and the other man has a daughter with and also left her.” according to Phaneth’s grandfather Rous Chel.

“On 27th March 2013 at 3:00 PM an unfortunate incidence happened. My thatched cottage which was the last asset of my life and a shelter for my granddaughter and daughter was destroyed by fire, leaving only some pieces of wood.”​

“After my poor thatched cottage disappeared because of the fire, I have no shelter to live, so we picked up the wood left from the fire to make a bed and had a tent to stay temporarily.” added Phaneth’s grandfather.Poor2

In good collaboration with the local authority, Red Cross and other generous people, Partners in Compassion (PC) contributed to respond to the basic needs of the family including net, blanket, mat and other materials such as leaves and wood to enable the grandfather to rebuild his small cottage to serve as a shelter and to improve the living condition of this poor household affected by this horrible incidence.

Phal Phaneth gratefully said “I am very pleased that organizations and other generous people helped my family during this emergency situation, especially Partners in Compassion (PC) which has helped my poor family and allowed me the opportunity to continue my education. I am committed to studying as hard as I can to strive for a brighter future.”

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