By the speech of Mrs. Chan Thy, 38 years of age has come out the unhappy speech: my family never have a chance to get any support from anybody as nowadays because my living was an orphanage child with 3 years of age during the Khmer Rouge Regime. After that Regime had collapsed, I went to live at my homeland in village Chrey Koang, commune Sla Kaet, Battambang district, Battambang province.

 In 1994, I got married with my disable husband as beggar. He is beggar after he got accident of car collapsed in 1990 at Battambang province. Mrs. Chan Thy has continued her speech: I am the ex-orphan, poor woman and have no option to marry with the non-disable people and if I get married with good love and charity that will be much better for my life.

Small wedding conducted in the cottage with couples of 2 to 3 old people participated only. After marriage and no money to make any business, we both decided to continue begging. Sometimes I push the cart for my disable husband to beg for feeding the family until 2005.

Kim Chhay 1 I thought that begging money from somebody is not the real business for my whole life; otherwise I have a daughter so I have taken a chance to learn how to make paper and plastic flowers at home in order to have the right business and can earn money from it. Then I know how to do it, but sometime with good sale and sometime with bad sale, any way I don’t have enough grant.

 In 2005, I got pregnant of the second child (Kim Chhay) and my husband got serious sick and I had no money to pay for his treatment. My husband brought me and my kids to live in village Doung, commune Doung, Bati district, Takeo province is his home village. We had brought him to the hospital organization and made the diagnostic for him. The result, he is living with HIV/AIDS. Then he was referred to get ARV (Anti-Retro Virus from the state hospital in this area, and he gets better now.

Kim Chhay 2


The Small boy Kim Chhay, 8 years of age, and studies at grade one has said with happy face: I am so pleasure that today I have clothes, shoes, and the bag for keeping the books and school materials and mosquito net and so on. I have almost everything now, I don’t worry as before. My parents had no money to buy me new materials for me like this. I will study hard to be the good performance student.

Mrs. Chanthy added that the amount of money in 200 USD provided by Kindermissionswerk through PC to my family is the huge support. I do not think there is the grant support to the poor family. This grant is the charity to support to my family to make business, to earn money to continue the life and my kids can access the school.    

 Kim Chhay 3

Picture of the team of monitoring and visit at home of Kim Chhay family led by Pat.


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