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Hope is still alive!!!

Mrs. Ly Pisas, 30 years old, is the wife of Ra Baraing who finds wood and does petty trade at home for a living. They live in Dongkeam Kdam Village, Cheur Tom Commune, Krokor District which is south-west 40 kilometers away from Pursat provincial town.

Pisas, who engages in petty trading, married her husband in 1995. Today they have 2 children. She fell ill and her blood test result revealed that she was HIV-positive in 2003 and unfortunately her 2 children are infected with HIV from their parents. Pisas tried to hide her HIV identity from the public. All of her hard-earned assets were sold to cover her unspecific medical treatment. After knowing that her family and 2 children were infected with HIV, Partners in Compassion’s staff tried to find ways to provide counseling on health care and clear information about the ART service. As a result, she allowed Partner in Compassion’s staff to meet and agreed to receive counseling. In 2006 she and her family received OI/ART service at Pursat Hospital under the support of travel expense from PHope and HopeC.

“After accessing to ART service, I paid special attention to ART adherence, health care, and restart my business to support our lives. In 2013 my health is in a much better condition and my petty trade is also taking off, enabling me to earn some money to support my daily life. Today the nearby villagers no longer show any discrimination toward Me.” said Pisas.

“In the near future, if there is any medicine to cure this disease, my husband and I, along with my 2 children, will be able to live much longer so that we can look after my children and they will be healthy and will have more opportunities to study and have a brighter future.” added Pisas with optimism and hope.

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