Another Day to Remember

A few days ago a group of Korean young people spent a day with us. They were well prepared and started off with a class on cleanliness and dental care. They had brought with them coloring books that went along with their presentation and paper for the kids to draw on.



The suckers were perhaps not the best treat for the children to be given during a class on dental care

but they didn’t seem to mind at all and it may even have helped them concentrate more on their coloring.



I was a bit leery about passing out water guns to everyone because I know what happens when we do,

but they seemed to have things under control and so I let them go ahead.

They used the same tactics as the US Military has been doing for years.


First they armed the enemy and let them get use to their weapons.

You may take a few casualties but this is good to help build the confidence of the enemy.






















Then, just when they think they have gained the upper hand,


You pull out your new super-secret-weapon of destruction and blow them all away.


Oh well… everyone had a good time, including the new kid on the block, who had just arrived…


and it was a great way to stay cool on a hot and muggy Cambodian afternoon.


Thanks for coming!

We are very grateful for the memories you gave us,

the clothing, supplies, and the water guns,

but especially the ice cream at the end of the day.

We hope you will come back again soon.

The Watopotians

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