01 June 2013 Children’s Day increased attention, brought everyone together and brought smile to Opportunity-deprived Children

On 11th June 2013 the Provincial Department of Social Affair and Youth Rehabilitation at Takeo hosted the 64th International Children’s Day of 01st June and the 12th World Day Against Child Labour at 8:30 AM. Mr. Som Om Monyra, Head of Provincial Department of Social Affair and Youth Rehabilitation and vice-Chairman of Takeo’s National Council for Children welcomed and reported Mr. Chhith Sokhun, Takeo’s Deputy Governor and Chair of the event, of the general situation of children from the orphanage centers and opportunity-deprived children from the community in Takeo. The event was joined by 330 children/148 females, among which 42 orphans and children affected by HIV/AIDS and other factors were brought by Partners in Compassion (PC).


With reference to the letter of the Royal Government, in the interest of children, Cambodia ratified the Convention on Rights of the Child on 15th October 1992 and the Constitution of Cambodia in 1993 states that the government is committed to protecting the rights of children stipulated in the Convention on Rights of the Child. To contribute to the response of the letter and to assist children to attain their complete rights, Partners in Compassion (PC) took part in celebrating this event with the aim of wanting every Cambodian people, particularly people in Takeo, to pay high attention to children and appreciate children’s value, to take part in combating heavy children labour, to eliminate child labour on domestic work, child trafficking and child sex, and to turn attention toward grooming children by developing them to become foundation for national development and toward considering children as bamboo shoots that will grow to replace aging bamboo trees and the future of a country and educating children to become children with 3 good qualities: Good kid, Good Student, Good Friend and desire to be a good citizen in the future.

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Additionally, a group of children delivered a performance about child labour trafficking, violence, and drug issues at the event.

After that, a representative of the children delivered a speech illustrating the excitement, difficulties, and vulnerabilities of today’s children, i.e. children are not provided with warmth from the family and society. Children in many families are living under harsh condition, facing violence, abuse, labour exploitation, poor living condition and extremely hard work. Meanwhile, this girl also described her excitement of seeing special attention paid by the government and organizations which flourishes them with hopes and offers them with educational opportunity just like any other children from a better socioeconomic status. They are firmly determined to study hard to strive for a better future.

“I am very delighted to participate in this event and I can ride a car for the first time and enjoy delicious meal.” said Thy Theara, age 7, who lost her father and currently lives with her mum, a widow, working as a dish cleaner.


Theara’s family is one of the poorest household who has no land and house, experience violence and difficult living condition. Her 2 siblings has stopped going to school and resorted to helping her mother to support the family. Theara is studying in Grade 1 at a primary school in Tnol Taksin Village, Krang Tnung Commune under the support of Partners in Compassion (According to Sok Lasath, Child Support Staff).

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                               Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Volunteers and Staffs

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