Health and Livelihoods


Health and Livelihoods Program

                Health and Livelihoods Program have begun supporting target groups since 2002 in the time when Cambodia was severely plagued by health issues, particularly HIV/AIDS and economic woes. Almost every HIV positive household was abandoned and perished without having caregiver, enough nutritional food intake and treatment. Some HIV-positive people sold their assets to cover the cost of treatment. Some children have no caregiver and were prevented from going to school.

Goal of the program:

                To address to the certain needs of our target groups, the reduction in HIV new infection rate and HIV/AIDS-related deaths, improvement in maternal and child heath, sexual and reproductive health, family planning, household socioeconomic status, livelihoods, Cambodia 3.0, and standard minimum package, Partners in Compassion (PC) develops its strategic plan with 3 overarching goals such as:

                1. To increase attention on the integration of care and support on HIV/AIDS to health care services.

                2. To improve community health such as reproductive health, maternal and child health, and tuberculosis.

3. To support stable and secure livelihoods among vulnerable individuals, households, and within the communities. 

Target Area:

                Health and Livelihoods Program provides healthcare service and improves living condition of our target groups in 5 provinces in 2012 including Takeo, Kompong Chnang, Kampot, Pursat and Keb.

Target Group:

           The program is implemented with the aims to help and support the target groups including: People living with HIV/AIDS, Children living with HIV/AIDS, Children affected by HIV/AIDS and other factors, women and children, poor household, disabled people, widow, women in reproductive age, entertainment workers and their male clients.

Main activities implemented:

·           Educate about and prevent HIV/AIDS and STD infection

·           Provide care and support service to people living with HIV/AIDS and vulnerable children

·           Offer knowledge on family planning and refer to access modern contraception service

·           Refer suspicious individuals to HIV/AIDS blood test, TB screening and sexual and reproductive health service.

·           Refer target group to access ART/OI service

·           Support children to attend school and skill building

·           Support household’s income generating activities

·           Provide knowledge on savings

·           Support Self-help Group and Village Savings and Loan Group

·           Support Children Support Group (Children club)


                The program is in collaboration with National Center for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STD (NCHADS), Ministry of Social Affair, Veteran, and Youth Rehabilitation, Ministry of Health, targeted Provincial Health and Social Affair Departments, Health Officers and local authority at all level.

 Achievement in 2012 includes:

·         3,055 people living with HIV/AIDS received care and support, among which 2,408 PLHIV received ART.

·         Referred 386 HIV-positive women to family planning service.

·     342 children living with HIV/AIDS received care and support, among which 259 children living with HIV/AIDS received ART.

·         Provided study materials to 2,576 poor and vulnerable children in target area.

·         Provided food support to 1,137 HIV/AIDS households and 295 children affected by HIV/AIDS with a total of 505 tons of rice.

·    16,524 women in reproductive age were educated about family planning and contraception and 2,585 women in reproductive age were referred to access modern contraception service.

·         901 entertainment workers were educated about HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and STD.

·         5,560 male clients were educated about HIV/AIDS and STD.

·         Trained and provided cash grant for income generating activities to 205 households.

·         11 Village Savings and Loan Groups and 21 Savings Groups were formed.

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